Here is question? What is a reno? Reno is also known as a “renovation”. Well, pretty much any type of project that takes something old, need of repair, an update, a new look, a fresh start, making it new again are all classified as a reno. People ask, what kind of renos do you guys do? To answer that with one broadstroke, we do all renos. In other words, all the types of renos that you can think of. Anything that you want renovated we can do. Bathroom reno, kitchen reno, garage reno, full house reno, its all emcompassing.

Bathroom renovations

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the house. You might not be in there for long periods of time yet when you are you want to feel comfortable and peaceful. A way to find your inner peace is to have the bathroom set up in a way that is not like the rest of your home. Bathrooms generally being a smaller space need a certain level of uniqueness and space management. Tidyness, cleaniness and space for all those little items we need to make ourselves feel good about ourselves with easy access to those said items without any clutter. When renovating your bathroom, all these thoughts need to take place to make this part of your house your own and personal zen like space.

Custom Design

During your renovation other custom projects always seems to come up. Could be a new set of stairs, a custom railing, shelving in the garage, a live edge shelf, a bird house, a tree house or whatever you have dreamed about, let’s talk about it and see how we can make it happen.

kitchen remodelling

Ahh, the feeling of walking into your kitchen and feeling that you are leading the Philharmonica Orchestra. There you are at the front with your whisk in hand, ready to delve into that gourmet mac and cheese you will be placing on the kitchen table for your families dinner tonight. Having your fridge in the right place to grab the food that you will turn into Beethovan’s 5th symphany, your stove ready to sautee those fine ingredients from the market down the street, the fancy dancy spice drawer that comes out of nowhere and those cabinets that bring a twinkle in your eye. Dreaming? Make it a reality. Once you have an idea, we can can make that a reality with the help of Pintrest, Ikea and our own imaginations. We can help you explore and create what is on your mind.


You’re looking at your floor and you are saying to yourself, I’m just not sure what I want on the floor?! How would vinyl look? What about laminate? No, tile would be great. But I want it heated. Yeah, That’s it. A heated tile floor. What does that cost? I need help to figure this out. Please help me understand costs, value, longevity and yes, thank you for the information. We can help you understand all your questions and help you out. No problemo!